A real-time composition and improvisation project that adds a performer to the quartet, one that uses a computer as an instrument. The electronic part is executed with the technique known as Live Coding, which consists of generating, through computer codes, a sound work and showing that process to the public, making them participate in the development of the work.

Work developed thanks to the support of the “Flight Practices” program of the Mexican Center for Music and Sound Arts (CMMAS).

JazzCodes I: The evolution of an Inuit child’s dreams after his mother has taught him to distinguish the 29 shades of white of the tundra


JazzCodes I: La evolución de los sueños de un niño inuit… from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.

JazzCodes II: The chemical conditions of the environment during the birth and death of a star

JazzCodes II: Las condiciones químicas del entorno durante el nacimiento y muerte de un estrella from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.

JazzCodes III: This wall is sad because godzilla has died

JazzCodes III: Esta pared está triste porque godzilla ha muerto from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.

JazzCodes IV: Dextro Nights, a second before sunrise after a delirious walk under the bridges of Tenochtitlán. Nocturnal, stamp, graffiti, chiaroscuro in a neighborhood…

JazzCodes V: A thousand butterflies ascending to the sky illuminated by a moonbeam that filters through the forest in a clearing (Sergio Olimán in memoriam)

JazzCodes V: Mil mariposas ascendiendo al cielo iluminadas por un rayo de luna que se filtra entre el bosque en un claro from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.

JazzCodes VI: A UN video, played backwards, of a drone attack on Syria where a delayed detonator bomb is embedded in a house, a family embraced, splinters embedded in the walls.

JazzCodes VI: Un video de la ONU, reproducido al revés, de un ataque de drones sobre Siria en donde una bomba…” from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.

JazzCodes VII : —.. ..-.-. —.

This version features the first implementation of my chemical computers, a chip that contains a chemical oscillator known as the Belouzov-Zhabotinsky reaction. The analysis of this generator of spatio-temporal rhythms was my source of data with which I made this improvisation of live coding.


JazzCodes VII: –.. ..-.-. –. from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.