Aura(l) is a sculpture that shines on its own because it is made up of a bioluminescent microorganism, that is, one that emits light in a natural way. This light is the way in which this organism communicates with its environment, so it will come out of the sea for a few days to share with us its frozen voice in a three-dimensional way.

This microorganism is part of the so-called plankton that inhabits the seas and is responsible for the largest production of oxygen on the planet, even above the largest jungles. In such a way that this sculpture, besides producing light, produces a lot of oxygen, which generates a space of well-being and regeneration where it is presented.

On the other hand, the public creates an exchange of gases with its surroundings at the moment of breathing, in such a way that just by entering the space a delicate dialogue with the work begins. In order to make this process evident, the work has a system that measures the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the space and uses this data to modify an electronic music composition in real time, thus turning this conversation into a sensitive experience. A dialogue of ecological conciliation and a gesture of energetic deceleration.

Este un proyecto producido por Jaime Lobato Estudio, Galería Epifanía y Galerías Esquivel para ABC Art Baja California y Zona MACO.