Lux Æterna

The existence of the human being and the universe itself implies an eternal transformation. Matter, energy and information change constantly and in a permanent way. We configure ourselves in that evolution during a certain time and space and after dying only the information that we help create or transform remains, it remains as a scar in the eternal space/time. The chemical reaction explodes as a big bang and generates and composes (sound and visually). This oeuvre is a representation of this phenomenon as a temporary model.

Lux Æterna is an installation based on a computer language, a chemical computer language. This is a generative work that is based in some experiments on logic gates that work with chemical oscillators (systems of coupled oscillators). The oeuvre was fully designed with the behaviours of the Belousov-Zhavotinsky reaction and its models of energy propagation through the chips-computers. This is an aesthetic experiment on computer laguanges.


Name: Lux Æterna.

Year: 2018.

Technique: low relief in polycarbonate, chemical oscilator, video, binaural sound.