What form does water have?

They say that water has the form of the container that holds it. Through our vision, this holding form can be accessed, but through other senses the internal composition of the liquid and its displacement can be perceived. Iceberg is an interactive sculpture where the public is invited to perceive the form of an object through touch and hearing.

This iceberg was built in two parts, a sonorous and a tactile one. The tactile one is a water cube, the sonorous one is brown noise and both are connected through a computerized vision algorithm. The public is invited to submerge a hand in the water cube and shake it. The action is registered in real time by the system of the piece and the information obtained allows the sound to be moved in space in the same way the actual fluid changes its form. A sound fragmented in many equal parts that allows the sonification of some of the water particles of the water cube so that the public can feel the form of the water through the skin and the ear by accessing information of the object that cannot be apprehended by the eye.

By introducing the hand in this iceberg, the public manages to access a section of reality that can’t be accessed through sight, to a secret form that inhabits things simultaneously and that we can unveil through the other senses as initiation into reality enhancement.




Water, multichannel sound, web cam, computer vision

13.7 x 13.7 x 39.37″