Space Striate

“…Juxtaposition of incompatible spaces. In general, the heterotopia has as a rule to juxtapose in a real place several spaces that normally would be, or should be incompatible. The theater, which is a heterotopia, causes a series of incompatible places to take place on the rectangle of the stage. The cinema is a large rectangular room at the back of which is projected onto a screen, which is a two-dimensional space, a space that is again a space of three dimensions. See here the interweaving of spaces that is made and weaved (…) Finally, there are heterotopies that seem open, but in which only those that have already been initiated truly enter. One believes access to the simplest, to which is more easily available, being that in reality one is in the heart of the mystery…”
Michel Foucault. Utopies and heterotropies.

Space Striated is an audiovisual performance where video and music are executed in real time. It is a reflection about space, its representation and heterotropies.

Images and sounds are distorted, not only with digital media, but with the form of the scenic space, mirrors and the public as active agents into the piece.

Space Striate


Monochannel video, stereo sound, mirrors

Variable size

Espacio Estriado from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.