This piece manifests an interest in the relationship among the body, the space and the sound, with Tactosis!, I invite the public to reformulate the more immediate relation in the ear perception, not only perceiving with the ear, but became aware of the body sensibility in front of the aural stimulus. I create an aural space that can be perceived by the mechanoreceptors, sensorial cells that react to the mechanic pressure, or to physical distortions, they are spread all over the skin. In other words, when I made this piece I was thinking in the skin as a sensible space, as a representation space. I pass freely from sound that reverberate on the skin or on the ear. The composition uses mostly synthetic sounds, and is an algorithm so it never repeats the same, as I composed this piece as an installation you can only perceive the mobil form if you hear the piece more than twice but it can perfectly fit in a concert.

Artwork comissioned by the Experimental Space for Sound in the University Museum of Contemporary Art MUAC-UNAM.




Generative algorithm, multichannel sound (22.2)

Variable size