Atari Go: The composition Machine

Atari-Go is a work about Live Coding commissioned by the Center for Experimentation and Production of Contemporary Music (CEPROMUSIC) in 2013. This is a procedural work where the ensemble of musicians is thought of as a compiler interpreter (of computational codes), work with them during a few sessions to be able to generate a translator that takes a “Go” board as a code to turn it into sound. The particular job of this piece is not to generate an isomorphic mapping of the game or the rules of the game, but to train musicians to generate that translation in real time in such a way that anyone can manipulate the code and make music with it. composing machine.

The prize for the premiere was a percussion set, bass clarinet, transverse flute, double bass and electronics in real time. Activator José Luis Castillo.

Atari-Go: La máquina de composición

Atari-Go: La máquina de composición from Jaime Lobato on Vimeo.